Another Of My Musings (Romantic Fool That I Am)


The Pledge
The past is behind us
Where one was now two
Darkness is ended
Love makes things anew

Our love is a beacon
Through storms it shall guide
Two hearts strongly beating
Tested and tried

Our love is immortal
T’will never bleed and die
Wounds heal but quickly
Death cannot abide

Passions enduring
Tho’ mortal shells we shed
Flesh no more binding
Our spirits free to wed

Forever seems nothing
Time slips so fast away
So pledge I myself to thee
Forever and a day.



Single again…


So, I’m single, again…

This is getting really tiring at this point in my life. You know the whole, meet someone, get to know them, start to see the chinks in the armour after a bit…the whole process.  Sometimes you just gotta wonder if it’s even worth it. I know I do.  Because you know that the next person that comes along is going to have issues, everybody has issues, and do I really want to deal with a whole new set of issues? These are just some of the things I think about when I contemplate putting myself back out there.

Of course then you have the other side of the coin. Loneliness…yup sometimes you just wish there was someone there and there isn’t. So what do you do, start talking to yourself, some people do that…I talk to my dog. At least that way I can be crazy and not really look like I am.

Going out alone is kind of a bummer too. If I just want to go down to the local pub and play some darts I feel self-conscious about it. A woman going into a bar alone, well, of course some women do that, but I’m not one of those women.

Of course you can go out with friends, but most of your friends are married with kids and such. The ones that aren’t are too busy because they are trying to fill the void in their lives with work or classes in something. It makes it tough.

So I suppose, at some point in time, I will begin to long for that companionship again, enough that I will forget about the pitfalls and troubles that go along with it. Or, maybe I’ll just go to Tibet and become a monk…oh wait their guys too aren’t they? Maybe I’ll be the first ever monkette…because the thought of doing this all over again is one great big pain in the ass.

Wish me luck!

Dirty Laundry


Well this is a whole new take on the ‘dirty laundry’ thing. One I can’t ignore, for obvious reasons of stupidity and pettiness on the part of some of my fellow countrymen and women. I just finished watching a report on ‘Sunday Morning”, in which they were talking about an ongoing problem within communities about people using clotheslines to hang their laundry out to dry. I’m not kidding, as usual this is becoming a big issue. I KNOW! Crazy right? Yup, but it’s true. There is actually a new movement about people’s right to hang their clothes out. One woman actually said her clothes lines have been cut down twice. This is so ridiculous I had to say something. Are people in this country really that uptight and just plain stupid? Like they said in the report, it’s not about hanging clothes, it’s about doing whatever you can to help save energy and the environment. All the little things help, but God (who?) forbid you have a neighbor that has a stick up their ass and doesn’t like looking at your ‘clean’ laundry hanging in your yard, on your line, cause look out, they will come after you. Man, I don’t know if it’s me, but when things like this start to become huge issues it just makes me see RED! Not Republican RED either. People, get with the program, our planet is in trouble and some people are really trying to do whatever little things they can to change that. Shut the hell up, get the f*#k over yourselves, and try to get it through your thick skulls that you are the problem that’s hurting the world. Come down from your thrones and start helping instead of bitching about every little thing. It’s your planet too, and you’re kids and grandchildren will need it just as much as ours will. Of course, if all you know how to do is bitch about things like people hanging out their clothes and how it ‘just looks terrible, and you can’t look at it’, I’m sure your kids and grandchildren will need a lot of therapy anyway and won’t give a damn about the welfare of the planet and it’s people either!

Why Is No One Bringing Up Bush’s Name?


I’m sitting here watching the congressional hearings about the AIG crisis and I’m completely stunned to hear people blaming Obama for this crap! This didn’t start in January, it didn’t start in November, it started long before that under the previous administration.

Why is no one going back in time to when this all started? This current crisis and all that goes with it is a product of the corrupt practices of the previous government and it was all dropped in Obama’s lap, so now he gets all the blame? What the F*&^?

Isn’t his administration trying to put things right now and take back the money that was given out by the previous administration? Isn’t he the one who is now demanding oversight and transparency? He’s got a mess to clean up that is no fault of his own, don’t demonize him before he even has a chance. That’s what they want. That means they win, AGAIN!

This is all the result of Bush and his cronies allowing Wall Street to run rampant while they raked in the bucks. C’mon people smarten up and don’t go down this path. We need to put the blame where it really belongs and not listen to FOX and CNN and all the other pro-Republican assholes who would love to have us believe that this is all Obama’s fault. 

Don’t let them brainwash you again? They’ve been doing it for the last 8 years and now look where we are. This didn’t happen under Obama’s watch. Do you get that? All of this crap happened under the last administration. All of it. This mess was handed off to the new guy and he’s trying to fix it. He needs our support now more than ever. 

I’m out of work, on unemployment and understand that this country is in big trouble, but the trouble started a long time ago. Bush and his people are the culprits, the overseers of this problem. Write to your reps and your congressmen and women and let them know what you expect from your government now, but don’t just lay the blame in the new guys lap. Don’t sit around and whine and complain about things, write to them, call them, let them know what you think, and then give them a chance to change things, otherwise shut up and deal. 

We let Bush and his people do whatever the hell they wanted for eight years and now everyone is crying about it. We have a chance now to start over. Don’t waste it by sitting around blaming the new guy. Get your minds around the fact that this is Bush’s fault, has been Bush’s fault, and this is all the result of 8 years of the whole country sitting by while the government did whatever the hell they wanted. No one said anything then and look what’s happened. Say something now!

Metaphysical Nightmare




Metaphysical Nightmare


Whispers, images, flashes 
Deep waters move rapidly

Dream or memory
Fevered imagination plotting

Insanity beckons
Shadows of reality or shades of imagination

Frame after frame
Taunts fast and clear

Screaming conscience 
Mind mirrors shatter

Shards fall 
Tearing the delicate foundation

Death breathes close
It does




Mind Games

Comets streak through moonlit skies
inspiring awe in human minds
and hearts that try to fathom all the whys

With eyes we see and hearts we feel
but truly it’s our minds emotions steal
as in breathless whispers
we question what is real

The world is false, so much untrue
and yet there’s still someone like you
whose guileless eyes and smile I knew
would somehow break my heart in two
but still I loved you

As long as comets race through space and time
your face will stay within the confines
of my mind
Till time unwinds



Lisa Doherty






All chrome and shiny black enamel, with handbrakes and three speeds

Freedom from classroom tyranny, parental supervision and school bullies

At least for now…

Super heated air, cooled only by speed, rushes past, hair flying out behind

Muscles pumping, heart racing, fear nowhere in sight

At least for now…

Serenity, peace, excitement, joy! So many good feelings, almost overwhelming


No destination, just going, riding, flying…

My black charger carrying me off to a better place

At least for now…