Something That Really Irks Me!!!

You know one thing that makes me twitch, is when you spend your time sending an email to some ding-bat HR person, or manager, or whoever is doing the hiring at the particular place you’re applying to, with a resume attached (that you spent hours working on, of course), and they don’t even respond to you. Now believe me I know they’re busy people, but so am I, and I would at least like the common courtesy, if not professionalism of a response. Even if it’s the ‘bad news’ that I didn’t get the job, at least let me know so I’m not sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out. If you had a lot of responses, fine, send out a blanket email and tell the other applicants that the position has been filled. How long will that take you and it will make us job seekers a whole lot happier. I’ve worked in offices all my life and if I just didn’t respond to a customer or an inquiry because I was too busy then I wouldn’t have kept my job very long. As it was I responded to everyone, which I believe shows responsibility and professionalism. If the ad says that they will only respond to candidates that are being considered for a position OK I get that, but 98% of them don’t say that. So there I am, along with countless others, sitting there, with my hopes hanging in mid air and never hear a word back. Not fair people! Not professional or courteous either. You have a job, think about a time when you didn’t. I hope this makes at least some of you think. Just because we’re unemployed doesn’t give you the right to treat us as non-existent. We are looking for work or you never would have gotten that email. Oh yeah, and by the by, you wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for us applying for them.


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