What’s It All About Alfie?

Recently I had a very good friend, my best friend actually, who passed away. I keep in contact with her children often, and it seems to me that she hasn’t influenced their lives much. That makes me really sad. I am getting older myself and would really like to think that my children and grandchildren will remember me for something!!!
This blogging stuff is OK I guess but I really want something more. The only problem is I’m not significant in any way…other than the fact that I want to change the world…
I understand how people get despondent and think about the futility of it all.
I love my kids and grandchildren more than anything but where will that leave me when I’m gone?
The same place as my friend…a fond memory and nothing more!
That really sucks!!!
Do any of you see where I’m coming from? What is this shit really all about???
We have a short time here and if we are able to do something wonderful with that short time then people will remember us, if not then they won’t…plain and simple. You live and you die…what’s the point???
Does anyone get it?
Cause I don’t!
I don’t mean to be depressing but I’m just looking for an answer. I’ve really been trying to find it and I can’t!
I’ve given birth to 5 awesome kids and they in turn have 5 (almost 6 now) of their own, but what is going to come of all this? Did I give birth to the ‘ONE’ who will change the world; if not then they will live the same kind of existence that I’ve lived, hard, unforgiving and futile!!!
When I see the shit that goes on around the world, starvation, deprivation, death…WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE!!!
Are we all humans?
Why can’t we all just realize that this could be an awesome place for everyone if we all just got together and started to care about each other.
I’m not some Christian either, who is trying to preach to anyone, but come on!!!
Is money the only thing there is anymore? Cause if that’s the case, ‘STOP THE WORLD, I WANT TO GET OFF!!!’
When are people going to wake up and start to realize that we are all one people?
What you have isn’t important…
Who you are is important…


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