What The $#@%&**^%&(!!!


I am not only ashamed to be an American right now, but I am also firmly convinced that most of the people in this country are one big smelly, slimy pile of giraffe snot!!! That’s right, I said it, giraffe snot, and yes I am that girl that writes the poetry.

I am so convinced that the people of America don’t deserve anything good anymore, not when they can vote a lackluster, nervous little nellie, blond twit to be the “Last Comic Standing” simply on the virtue of her sex. That’s why she was chosen, no other reason at all. Like I said, what the &(&(^&*%&^$^$#&!!! or some shit like that.

I sat through a whole season of that phony ass, pandering to the stupid and pathetic, horseshit of a show only to see the absolute travesty unfold.

You people wouldn’t know comedy unless it shook it’s tits in your face. I’m sorry but that’s what it’s all about.

Go chase yourselves until you get dizzy enough to bash your head off the floor and maybe, just maybe, if you hit it hard enough, your brain will kick in and start working.

Eliza Shlezshitter is not funny, period! End of story! Have a great time for the next year listening to her neurotic drivel and make sure you look at her eyes, at least once in awhile.


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