I Smelled Something Bad…

Maybe it’s me but I think not. Did you all just kind of dump me after I wrote the post about letting public figures have private lives? Cause if that’s the case, I’m outta here anyway. You know normally I go off on politics a lot more, yesh I am edumacated about that stuff, believe it or not, but I’ve tried to keep that out of here as much as possible because it gets beaten more than the proverbial dead horse these days. Doesn’t anyone realize it’s all horseshit anyway. We are living in the Matrix for real. We vote, yeah right. All they have to do is a wee bit ‘o’ programmin’ and my vote for Mr X goes to Mr Y. And who is the mysterious Mr Y? Why anybody ‘they’ want in that big white house. Keep believing that the only reason this shit about Edwards is being put out to the world is because they want ‘honesty’ in politics, and I bet you still believe that babies are delivered by storks too. C’mon people. Wake up and smell the rotting planet will ya? The only reason they’re even bitching about Russia’s attack on Georgia is because we have…WAIT FOR IT…a pipeline there. Oil folks, black gold, Texas T, just like old Jed Clampett discovered, only he was an honourable man. So you see, I was being really nice about the Edwards thing. I could have said a lot more, and now that I know what the deal is here I probably will. So get ready cause here I come, like it or not.


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