Health Insurance…What’s That?

I guess I’m here to bitch again…oh just deal with it!

Well, first of all let me tell you all that I’ve been unemployed since February 1st. I’ve been looking for a job high and low, and when I say low I mean low, supermarkets,  hardware stores, donut shops for the love of all that’s holy. My usual occupation is mortgage loan processor, and we all know what’s happening in that area. That’s why I’m out of work. I’m not whining mind you , yet, just a little explanation for the whining to come.

My whole deal today is health insurance. I am in the unfortunate position of being one of those people caught ‘in the middle’. I don’t make enough on unemployment to pay for healthcare, but make just too much for freecare. Oh there is a program in my state for people like me, but they still charge you, and even though it is a low fee, with my rent, utilities and you know food, I still can’t afford the healthcare.

The main thing I’m griping about is the fact that the income levels for free care in this state, and many others are way too low. They obviously want us to make a decision between seeing a doctor and eating…ummmm…if I don’t eat, there’ll be no reason to see a doctor, cause I’ll be DEAD!!!

Believe me I know there are people in this country and many others around the world that are a lot worse off than I am, but that’s the whole thing, there shouldn’t be. Anywhere. No one in this world should be starving, no one in this world should go without healthcare, no one in this world should be homeless and so on, and so on. There’s just no need for it. Not when someone like Oprah Winfrey is making $6 million dollars a week!

I don’t want a free ride, I want a job…I’m sure most of the other people in this world would work for the things they need too if given the chance. Though there are some low-lifes out there that will take everything the can get for nothing.

That’s another thing, people who go on disability that don’t need or deserve it. My daughter’s husband has MS and he was denied SSDI! He couldn’t walk and they denied him, but then you see someone waving a pink slip around and saying, “I’m crazy”, and the government gives them $1500.00 a month. That’s more than I get from unemployment, and I worked for that money. C’mon people, where’s the justice in that. Do you know that in some places they consider drug addiction and alcoholism disabilities…but obviously MS is just a walk in the park, (pardon the pun, see above).

The other thing is that you have to be unable to work for a year to get SSDI. What do you do for that year? Yo can’t work, so…I just don’t get it.

There’s a lot of things in this country I just don’t get. This place needs a lot of fixing. I hope the next president looks at all the problems and makes himself a checklist.  Raising the minimum wage to correspond to the higher cost of living would be a good start. Lowering the poverty income level would be another good one for that list.

Oh yeah and getting us some universal healthcare would be awesome too.

Get on that McCain and Barrack cause these are some of the things that need your attention, along with about a thousand others that the current administration is gonna dump in your lap. Good luck with that, for all our sakes.


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