An Appeal To The Women Of America


Please don’t fall for the republican bait and switch.

I know we came close to a chance at a woman president this year, and I know how disappointing it was to a lot of women when Hilary Clinton lost, but please don’t let that be the only reason your give your vote to John McCain. Think about all the reasons he shouldn’t win. Think about the fact that his new VP candidate is a hard liner about women’s choice and guns.

Hilary herself is endorsing Obama, so we should all listen to her call and follow her lead. Obama is what this country needs and Joe Biden is who we need beside him. Yes they are both men, but they are good men who really want to make great changes that will get this country back on the right track. As I was listening to the commentary during the DNC I heard a very interesting thing, interesting in it’s omission. The pundits were commenting on the fact that the race card never came up during the convention. I thought about that for awhile, and the conclusion I came to made me proud to be an American again for the first time in a long time. I believe that the reason the race card hasn’t been coming up is because, as a whole, most of America has evolved to the point that they don’t really see Obama as a black man. We just see him as a man. This was a very profound moment for me. In a country that has seen so much racial division it’s a wonderful thing to know that my fellow countrymen and women are seeing beyond color.

Now see beyond the games that the republicans are playing. We need huge numbers to get Obama in the White House, he needs to win by a large margin so there is no room for question as in the past two elections.

So please, women of this country unite and follow Hilary’s lead. Vote proudly for the best man for the job.


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