She Is Absolutely Ridiculous!!!

I recently listened to a couple of interviews with the hopefully not-to-be VP Sarah Palin. Charlie Gibson was getting completely exasperated at having to ask her the same question three or more times, and finally I think he just gave up when she never really answered it at all. She didn’t even know enough to pull the political double speak that most politicians are so adept at…sad and scary considering the support this woman is recieving from the sheeple in this country.

Please all of you unplug yourselves from the Matrix before it’s too late. 

Sarah Palin is a woman, that much we get, she is not qualified to hold high office in this country, or anywhere esle for that matter, considering the only real places she’s ever been to are Mexico and Canada. Canada wouldn’t even give her the time of day if she ever tried to run for office there. Even though she is a gun-totin’, moose killing, pro-lifer. They would run her out of the country on a rail, know why, because they’re smart. They want qualified people in their high offices, not some MILF that looks like a librarian and is every man’s wet dream. C’mon now people. It sounds a bit too Philip K. Dickish to me, and if you don’t know who he is, he wote many, many great science fiction novels, several of which I have read. In one of them they have an android female President…sound familiar?

As governor she has had many failings and mishaps, this can’t be the person in the second highest office of this country.

Wake the hell up and vote for the right team this November, please. Otherwise you’ll all be squealing like pigs when shit goes terribly wrong.


One comment on “She Is Absolutely Ridiculous!!!

  1. Jason357 says:

    Hot librarian looks, guns, hunting…yeah, she’s in a lot of guys dreams from about 8-102 years old.

    I’m a bit shocked at how unskilled the democratic party reaction was. HuffPo went nuts, as did TPM and others. They did nothing but spread the fire and give it life. A “we saw this coming” response and focused criticism on POLICY was the way to go. Instead, they got vile and went to the mud. I mean, some of the nastiest personal attacks I think a campaign has seen, spreading rumors about her daughter and an affair Palin might have had. I’m an ex-sailor and have seen about a lifetime of depravity. That response shocked me. What’s next, accusing her of body odor and bad breath, a booger in her nose, farting? I guess that stuff’s only off limits when it’s used against democrats?

    Then, the Obama campaign gives a wink and a nod, for it to stop, incredibly poor response for people who are supposedly experienced at politics.

    You know who messed the democrats up more than McCain or Palin? The DNC made it about personalities, and the GOP found Palin. The GOP never could have won on policy or record.

    Another thing is Pelosi’s and Reid’s below average performance since 2006. Drain the swamp….sure. Another is Obama doing the switcharoo after he won the nomination, as well as his stupid God and guns gaffe, and his reversal on Iraq and telecom immunity and war in general. The urban types might not realize it, but there are a lot of rural blacks who fall under that label. It’ss not just white farmers. He insulted a lot of rural democrats with that shot. He’s now saying the “surge” in Iraq is a huge success and war with Iran is justified if Israel thinks so.

    I’m not sure if the greater danger is McCain/Palin or letting the DNC think it can continue the behavior that got them in this fix to begin with.

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