The Rudest City in the USA

I live in Boston, grew up here, left for a couple of years recently, but now I’m back. I’m really beginning to hate this place. Not because, it’s dirty, which it is, not because it’s crowded, which it is, not because it’s expensive, which it is, but because the people in Boston have to be the rudest, most inconsaiderate people on the fucking planet.

Example one…On the bus the other day, three teen girls get on and block the front of the bus by the door. That in itself pissed me off to no end, but then when they didn’t even move for a guy with a cane, my vision went red and I almost lost it. How badly brought up do you have to be to stand in the way while a man with a cane has to make his way around you. There was plenty of room on this bus by the way. Those girls almost got the reaming of their little lives from a stranger. If they hadn’t gotten off the bus shortly after, I was going after them. They were saved by their geographic location.

Example two…On the bus, yet again, yes I don’t drive so I take the public tranportation everywhere. Anyway, on the bus…this gigantic woman gets up in the middle of the narrow bus aisle between the seats and proceeds to bend over and shuffle through some newspapers that someone had left on a seat. I was getting ready to get off, so I stood up behind her, hoping she would take the hint and move, yeah, wishful thinking. Only at the very last minute did she sidle a bit sideways so me and my boyfriend could squeeze by. Then she gave us a death look, like we did something wrong…(cocking my head sideways like a dog that has just been shown a card trick)!

The trains are even worse, the subways that is. It used to be, back when I was a child and dinosaurs still roamed the earth, that people would step to the side until people got on or off the trains. Then and only then would we board. I knew this even as a very small child, because that was what I had been taught. Now you have to push your way on and off the train, and hope you get on or off before they close the doors, because these ignorant asswipes won’t move or give up their spot in front of the doors. What the hell people?

I am going on a vigilante spree to teach people manners again. It just seems like everyone in this city thinks that whatever they have to do or wherever they have to go is more important than what everyone else is doing. Guess what shitheads, get the hell over yourselves and start acting human again. We all have things to do and places to go, hence us being on the fucking trains and busses in the first place. You are not better, nor do you deserve special treatment, so get a clue before you meet up with me, because personally, I have had it…


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