I Just Watched This and…

Well the one thing I can say about the difference between Joe Biden and John McCain is this, when you watch Joe speak, he speaks, when you watch McCain speak, he reads, and not very well either. It’s disjointed and stuttery and fake as all hell. Joe Biden and Barak Obama speak, from their hearts, McCain and Palin read from their papers. I want someone who means what he says not reads what I want to hear from a sheet of typed paper. How can any thinking being in this country not see the line of horseshit we’re being handed by these two? I want to believe in the American people, I really do, but when I see the travesty of people cheering and screaming while McCain stutters and stammers his way through a written speech, it really scares the hell out of me. Please people, pay attention to these things, they’re important. Don’t be sheeple, be people, thinking, questioning, observing, people. We need to stop listening to the rhetoric and start hearing the truth. This morning John McCain said the fundamentals of our economy are strong. What??? Does he live here? If he does then what the hell drugs is he on, cause I want something that will make me think the economy is good too. He’s either completely disconnected to what’s really going on, which wouldn’t surprise me considering he’s got seven houses, or he’s completely insane, or he thinks we’re all stupid, really, really stupid. I for one don’t like it when someone thinks I’m stupid, it fairly makes me see red, or in this case blue. I want to see the blue states light up from one end of this country to the other and get real, get real and smarten up or we’re in for big trouble.


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