How About Living Your First Life


Last night I watched a special on the ridiculously popular online world called ‘Second Life”. I was in utter amazement of this whole concept, and not amazement in a good way, but amazement in the “what the f*@+” kind of way!

Do any of these fools realize the amount of money they’re spending on NOTHING!!! Virtual things are nothing, not tangible in any way shape or form. You people do realize that there’s a REAL world out there, just beyond your mousepad: real people, things, places, clothes, stuff of every kind.

There was one woman who said she spent 14 to 16 hours every day in ‘Second Life’. Granted ahe makes a lot of money in her virtual store, but when does she spend it. She has no REAL life. I can’t even get my head around that. Let alone the fact that these people actually spend real money in this virtual world. Lots os it. They even spend it on sex toys and body modification. 

Then when I ever heard that the big conglomerates were buying virtual buildings and advertising in this make-believe world, well, at that point I just sat there with my mouth agape and my eyes wide in sheer disbelief and horror.

Does this make any sense to anyone who has any sense?

There are people homeless and starving, right here in our own country, and there are 6500 computers running  ‘Second Life’ from their home base in San Francisco, CA.


I need some real people to talk to about this because I think it may cause me to have a nervous breakdown. I think I need counseling. Maybe I’m the crazy one. Should I join ‘Second Life’ and leave my real family, friends and loved ones to wonder what became of me?


It is a sad day, a terrible day for the world when people, real people, have to go to a virtual world for 14 to 16 hours a day, every day, to avoid life. It’s worse than drugs.

Someone out there please try and help me understand this lunacy, before I go stark raving mad!!!!

7 comments on “How About Living Your First Life

  1. mystictouch says:

    i’ll ask u to do only thing…take a cushion and hit ur head….close ur eyes take a deep breath and..when u open ur eyes…say to urself that u’ve never been to or ever known second life…bcoz i’d give up anything to have a real life …with real friends..real love…real care…because i don’t even anything virtual…and my reality itself is so lonely..

    • Lisa says:

      To Mystic…
      I’m sorry it took me awhile to reply but I really don’t know what to say to you. I’m sorry your life isn’t a happy one. I’m grateful for what I do have everyday, which financially isn’t much believe me. I scrape by. However I’m sorry when I hear that someone doesn’t have love in their life. I hope things get better for you.

  2. Ravyn says:

    Lisa – excellent perspective. I think its a very good point to make mention of the people who spend way too much time in SL, and do not actively take part in RL with the problems in the world we have today.

    To play devil’s advocate however – I offer food for thought for you to consider.

    1- I blog for CNN for SL as well in addition to this newly started fashion blog. I update I-Reports on technology development and new user interfaces being implemented in the technology. Corporate businesses such as HR Block – Ebay – Stanley Morgan – IKNU Marketing – Google – and others well know even WordPress and Blogger have SL presences. The have whole sims (land) dedicated to their businesses and bringing new clients. Two years ago – people were making well over several thousand a month in new leads, services and goods sold. Not virtual, but actual tangible goods marketed on Second Life.

    2- I report on Live Musicians currently streaming their music within the SL world making record deals now out in the real world.

    3- I recently presented a check for $10k we raised this year for the Komen Race for the Cure breast cancer research foundation and support the continued charity events we have in SL. Chemo Caps for Kids – St Jude – Prayer Shawls – Breast Cancer – Cancer Research – Burn/Drug/Abuse Victims – all strongly supported.

    SL Has a large populus of survivors and terminally ill people who can not get out visit friends or socialize. We love live laugh cry and share in their final days. We have several memorials for lovers friends and family lost.

    In a virtual world there will always be a chance for humans to express sexual energy, deviant or otherwise. The internet opened this up long ago. However those are really placed in their own little corner of the SL world and not everyone puts money in this game or sex toys 🙂 .

    I have not spent one dime as indicated by my blog. I barter get for free or earn. I share deals with fellow friends and encourage supporting arts charities and fun.


  3. Lisa says:

    I guess my perspective was a bit skewed, but since I am one of the population that lives just above the poverty level, I just get a bit angry when I see the money being spent, not by shut-ins or people who are ill, but by perfectly healthy individuals, to live in a virtual world, when they could put that money towards causes to help the real people in the real world. Give all that money to the research that can help these people get better in real life. Can you see my point? I’m just an altruist trapped in a poor person’s life. Forgive me if I seem unkind or uncaring, because I am anything but. I just really don’t see the point of the wasted money and energy and time and life. Sorry.

  4. flighttoinsanity says:

    where does one find the time for a second life? mine seems to be taken up by work, family, cooking, eating, sometimes drawing or writing, and playing with my 3 small sons.

  5. Lisa says:

    To further comment to Ravyn…
    That’s a wonderful thing that they raise money for charities on SL and that people make real money for their talents, still though, why can’t they do that in the real world? The money spent to keep SL going could definitely be put to other uses, don’t you think?

    To flight…
    Yup I agree, when do people find the time for this stuff.
    I understand the shut-ins and others that for whatever reason need this sort of thing, and enjoy it, but even they would be better served with true human contact. I say take some of the SL money and start a service for people to go and visit and talk and play cards or whatever with these individuals. Real human contact cannot be replace by an avatar. Sorry…

  6. mikewc02 says:

    I agree. I don’t really see anything wrong with playing around in a virtual world, as long as it’s not your ONLY world. For example, take the Sims games. They’re entertaining to play, making your people do what you want and trying to make them successful. The thing is, though, they are just that: a game. Not reality. When you say this woman spends 16 to 18 hours a day on her computer playing this game… yeah… that’s a problem, and definitely not normal. Spending that much time doing ANYTHING isn’t normal. You gotta have a little real-world interaction.

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