There Will Always Be Controversy


Listening to C Span this morning about Bill Clinton releasing his contributor list, I realized that you could have all the saints and angels on your list but the one bad guy would stand out, sort of like the fallen angel who was Lucifer.

Why is Bill Clinton’s list of contributors so important to his wife’s career as Secretary of State? They are not one person. They are seperate beings, and she has shown a strong face to this country. 

Although I did not vote for her in the primaries, I do believe a woman SoS will be a great thing for our nation.

Women tend to have a different outlook than men when it comes to certain delicate areas, and I think the choice was wise and sound. 

To say one more thing in defense of Bill Clinton, our country was doing well while he was in office. I would take the Clinton days over the past eight years anytime.

He’s not perfect, neither am I, neither are you, although I’m sure there are some out there that will read this sentence and become enraged by it. Get over it, no one is perfect, that’s the human condition, imperfection. Deal with it and move on or live a miserable life trying to attain the perfection you will never see.

Give Hilary a chance, if she screws up then start throwing shoes at her.

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