Orlings Are Angels


A good friend and I recently discovered, through a metaphysical process known as automatic writing, that there are beings on the ethereal plane not unlike what we humans refer to as Guardian Angels, however, they refer to themselves as Orlings.

They do what Guardian Angels are supposed to do, which is watch over us, guide us and help us along life’s way. Unfortunately they too have limitations. 

For Instance, there are certain questions that they aren’t allowed to answer. This may irritate some people, but if you realize that the mysteries of life, and the future, contribute immensely to our enjoyment, then you may understand and accept these limitations. A truly understanding person, who really gets it, will actually rejoice in this fact. Wouldn’t life be boring if we knew it all ahead of time?

Just to know that these beings exist, and will do whatever they can to help those who want help, is amazing to me.

Not only would I never try to take advantage of the knowledge an Orling possesses, I would guard that knowledge, even from myself, as something that cannot be freely given, something to be respected and cherished. 

These beings, to the best of my understanding, are there to help and protect us, which is a very challenging job, taking much talent and determination, as sometimes, lots of times actually, they not only have to protect us from outside influences, but also from ourselves.

Of course they can’t accomplish this Herculean task without our help. We have to become accepting of the help offered and have faith in the outcome. Herein lies the rub. The outcome isn’t always what we think it should be. That’s where the leap of faith begins. We have to believe that they have our best interests at heart. If we become true believers, and ask for help and guidance, then almost anything is possible. I say almost, because like it or not, we are still human.

That little nudge, or niggling feeling we get, that we usually think is our own conscience, that’s the Orling whispering in our ear. Too many people don’t listen, and that’s when the Orling’s job becomes much harder.

All of a sudden you’ve taken the wrong path, not listening to that little voice, and everything changes. The Orling now has to look at this new situation and find a way to help you through it. Can you see how this can become very exasperating at times?

Look at it this way, a simile if you will: We have a parent trying to distract a child from doing something that might cause them harm, yet the child keeps going back to the harmful thing no matter what, until, sure enough, crying and wailing ensue.

Now take the positive aspects of the Orling and put then in the same context. 

Here’s the parent trying to show the child a different way to approach something that will be more beneficial to them, yet the child keeps wandering off to look at the television, paying no attention whatsoever to the caring parent who is trying to help.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Are you getting some much deserved feelings of respect for the Orlings yet? You should be, for most of the time they are dealing with what we like to call adults, or grown-ups, but still they keep having to compete with the TV.

Thank the cosmos that these beings have patience. Though it isn’t infinite. As much as we’d like to believe that an Orling or Guardian Angel would have all the patience in the world, sorry, but it just isn’t so.

Just as the parent who’s child keeps wandering back to the television, so too, after many such battles, the Orling must see the futility of trying to help some people. 

I’m not saying they ever truly give up, don’t get me wrong, but their efforts are probably not quite as robust after, say, twenty or thirty years of trying.

So I guess what this is truly about is faith, true faith in yourself, for without that the Orling’s job is pretty much null and void. If you believe you can accomplish something you can, your Orling will help, just listen.

So the moral of this story is: Listen to that little voice, the nuances of your conscience, and help the Orlings to help you!


2 comments on “Orlings Are Angels

  1. Dawn says:

    Your poetry heartwrenching and lovely. I hear in it my own heart”s cry. My life, too has been one huge quest for true and faithful love and acceptance. When I finally came to the end of my own resources, I found the perfect, faithful love that never leaves, only in my Savior Jesus Christ. All the others were only the distractions and deceipt of our enemy and His.

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you. I am sincerely glad that you like my poetry. I am also glad you found your way to happiness. Although our beliefs are different all are relative. May you always be happy and peaceful, and may your faith sustain you.

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