Government Takeovers…


The garden path is turning somewhat darker

Leading us from the smell of flowers and fresh grass into….

The deep, dark woods.

All around the monsters lie in wait for a feast

They have human forms and faces 

How do we recognize them

They all wear suits and scurry from place to place

on little clandestine missions

Be careful fellow traveler for the path is getting darker

The monsters are growing larger

They come together and meld into one large being

Greater in power than anything we’ve ever seen

There is a similar path in a far off land

It too turned dark, the monsters grew and tried to swallow everyone

That path almost reached it’s end

Until a superpower and it’s friends saved the day, or did they

They saved that day only to lead us to this one

That path was carved by the wrong monster in the wrong place

This one is the true path where all the monsters dreams come true

Be wary fellow traveler

Be wary…

If Only…


A Faerie’s Fantasy

Golden streets
Ivory sea
In my mind, in the land of fantasy
Dragons of red
Fly overhead
Knights of old
Brave and bold
Walk the golden streets by the ivory sea
In my mind in the land of fantasy

Darkened wood
Cold, black sea
In my mind, in the land of fantasy
Mists of white
Shroud the night
Wolves of dread
Softly tread
The darkened wood
By the cold, black sea
In my mind, in the land of fantasy

Another Of My Musings (Romantic Fool That I Am)


The Pledge
The past is behind us
Where one was now two
Darkness is ended
Love makes things anew

Our love is a beacon
Through storms it shall guide
Two hearts strongly beating
Tested and tried

Our love is immortal
T’will never bleed and die
Wounds heal but quickly
Death cannot abide

Passions enduring
Tho’ mortal shells we shed
Flesh no more binding
Our spirits free to wed

Forever seems nothing
Time slips so fast away
So pledge I myself to thee
Forever and a day.



Part Of Who I Am


I wandered amidst the stones of the dead
Though ’twas near to midnight I felt not a shred of fear
For the spirits were long since gone
to the other side where they belong,
to rest
till their time to be reborn,
to the world of men.

The lessons learned in lives before
So sad to see we now ignore,
and on and on we travel still,
one day when finally
we reach into eternity
and see
The Truth

And Yet Another Poem



Mind Games

Comets streak through moonlit skies
inspiring awe in human minds
and hearts that try to fathom all the whys
With eyes we see and hearts we feel
but really it’s our minds emotions steal
as in breathless whispers
we question what is real
The world is false, so much untrue
and yet there’s still someone like you
whose guileless eyes and smile I knew
would somehow break my heart in two
but still I loved you

As long as comets race through space and time
your face will stay within the confines
of my mind
Till time unwinds