Single again…


So, I’m single, again…

This is getting really tiring at this point in my life. You know the whole, meet someone, get to know them, start to see the chinks in the armour after a bit…the whole process.  Sometimes you just gotta wonder if it’s even worth it. I know I do.  Because you know that the next person that comes along is going to have issues, everybody has issues, and do I really want to deal with a whole new set of issues? These are just some of the things I think about when I contemplate putting myself back out there.

Of course then you have the other side of the coin. Loneliness…yup sometimes you just wish there was someone there and there isn’t. So what do you do, start talking to yourself, some people do that…I talk to my dog. At least that way I can be crazy and not really look like I am.

Going out alone is kind of a bummer too. If I just want to go down to the local pub and play some darts I feel self-conscious about it. A woman going into a bar alone, well, of course some women do that, but I’m not one of those women.

Of course you can go out with friends, but most of your friends are married with kids and such. The ones that aren’t are too busy because they are trying to fill the void in their lives with work or classes in something. It makes it tough.

So I suppose, at some point in time, I will begin to long for that companionship again, enough that I will forget about the pitfalls and troubles that go along with it. Or, maybe I’ll just go to Tibet and become a monk…oh wait their guys too aren’t they? Maybe I’ll be the first ever monkette…because the thought of doing this all over again is one great big pain in the ass.

Wish me luck!


Dirty Laundry


Well this is a whole new take on the ‘dirty laundry’ thing. One I can’t ignore, for obvious reasons of stupidity and pettiness on the part of some of my fellow countrymen and women. I just finished watching a report on ‘Sunday Morning”, in which they were talking about an ongoing problem within communities about people using clotheslines to hang their laundry out to dry. I’m not kidding, as usual this is becoming a big issue. I KNOW! Crazy right? Yup, but it’s true. There is actually a new movement about people’s right to hang their clothes out. One woman actually said her clothes lines have been cut down twice. This is so ridiculous I had to say something. Are people in this country really that uptight and just plain stupid? Like they said in the report, it’s not about hanging clothes, it’s about doing whatever you can to help save energy and the environment. All the little things help, but God (who?) forbid you have a neighbor that has a stick up their ass and doesn’t like looking at your ‘clean’ laundry hanging in your yard, on your line, cause look out, they will come after you. Man, I don’t know if it’s me, but when things like this start to become huge issues it just makes me see RED! Not Republican RED either. People, get with the program, our planet is in trouble and some people are really trying to do whatever little things they can to change that. Shut the hell up, get the f*#k over yourselves, and try to get it through your thick skulls that you are the problem that’s hurting the world. Come down from your thrones and start helping instead of bitching about every little thing. It’s your planet too, and you’re kids and grandchildren will need it just as much as ours will. Of course, if all you know how to do is bitch about things like people hanging out their clothes and how it ‘just looks terrible, and you can’t look at it’, I’m sure your kids and grandchildren will need a lot of therapy anyway and won’t give a damn about the welfare of the planet and it’s people either!

Alice Through The Looking Glass



I swear I just don’t get it. Is it me, I really don’t think so. I just read this article on Yahoo and I’m telling you I really think I’m going insane. 

I believe, if I have it right, that the word ‘covert’ means secret, right. Something that’s covered up so only some people know about it. 

Welllll…in the above mentioned article they refer to a certain covert operation by the US to disrupt Iran’s ability to enrich uranium. They also say that Bush is going to hand off this covert operation to Barak Obama. 


Does the internet not reach Iran? Do the terrorists and others of that ilk not have access to the fucking internet? Cause if they do, they now know about the US’s covert operation. Maybe they don’t know the particulars, but they know something’s going down. 

This country sends out warnings when they hear inconclusive ‘chatter’! We just blasted this out into cyberspace. That’s some chatter…

Well, like I said, maybe it’s me, but I think Barak better find a different way to handle this, cause pssst…they know about it now.

Oops sorry

Runner’s Legs


I have runner’s legs
Probably because I’ve been running all my life

I fairly sprinted from childhood to teenager

I ran the four minute mile to teenage wife and mother

I jogged along to abused spouse

I double timed it through a divorce and remarriage

The I ran a house and five kids

And I ran, and I ran and I ran

Next I bounded into another divorce and hurdled a few bad relationships
Taking off in first place but finishing dead last

I rushed headlong into middle age and started backpedaling furiously

Yes I have runner’s legs, but man they’re getting tired!

I Smelled Something Bad…

Maybe it’s me but I think not. Did you all just kind of dump me after I wrote the post about letting public figures have private lives? Cause if that’s the case, I’m outta here anyway. You know normally I go off on politics a lot more, yesh I am edumacated about that stuff, believe it or not, but I’ve tried to keep that out of here as much as possible because it gets beaten more than the proverbial dead horse these days. Doesn’t anyone realize it’s all horseshit anyway. We are living in the Matrix for real. We vote, yeah right. All they have to do is a wee bit ‘o’ programmin’ and my vote for Mr X goes to Mr Y. And who is the mysterious Mr Y? Why anybody ‘they’ want in that big white house. Keep believing that the only reason this shit about Edwards is being put out to the world is because they want ‘honesty’ in politics, and I bet you still believe that babies are delivered by storks too. C’mon people. Wake up and smell the rotting planet will ya? The only reason they’re even bitching about Russia’s attack on Georgia is because we have…WAIT FOR IT…a pipeline there. Oil folks, black gold, Texas T, just like old Jed Clampett discovered, only he was an honourable man. So you see, I was being really nice about the Edwards thing. I could have said a lot more, and now that I know what the deal is here I probably will. So get ready cause here I come, like it or not.

What’s It All About Alfie?

Recently I had a very good friend, my best friend actually, who passed away. I keep in contact with her children often, and it seems to me that she hasn’t influenced their lives much. That makes me really sad. I am getting older myself and would really like to think that my children and grandchildren will remember me for something!!!
This blogging stuff is OK I guess but I really want something more. The only problem is I’m not significant in any way…other than the fact that I want to change the world…
I understand how people get despondent and think about the futility of it all.
I love my kids and grandchildren more than anything but where will that leave me when I’m gone?
The same place as my friend…a fond memory and nothing more!
That really sucks!!!
Do any of you see where I’m coming from? What is this shit really all about???
We have a short time here and if we are able to do something wonderful with that short time then people will remember us, if not then they won’t…plain and simple. You live and you die…what’s the point???
Does anyone get it?
Cause I don’t!
I don’t mean to be depressing but I’m just looking for an answer. I’ve really been trying to find it and I can’t!
I’ve given birth to 5 awesome kids and they in turn have 5 (almost 6 now) of their own, but what is going to come of all this? Did I give birth to the ‘ONE’ who will change the world; if not then they will live the same kind of existence that I’ve lived, hard, unforgiving and futile!!!
When I see the shit that goes on around the world, starvation, deprivation, death…WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE!!!
Are we all humans?
Why can’t we all just realize that this could be an awesome place for everyone if we all just got together and started to care about each other.
I’m not some Christian either, who is trying to preach to anyone, but come on!!!
Is money the only thing there is anymore? Cause if that’s the case, ‘STOP THE WORLD, I WANT TO GET OFF!!!’
When are people going to wake up and start to realize that we are all one people?
What you have isn’t important…
Who you are is important…