Why Is No One Bringing Up Bush’s Name?


I’m sitting here watching the congressional hearings about the AIG crisis and I’m completely stunned to hear people blaming Obama for this crap! This didn’t start in January, it didn’t start in November, it started long before that under the previous administration.

Why is no one going back in time to when this all started? This current crisis and all that goes with it is a product of the corrupt practices of the previous government and it was all dropped in Obama’s lap, so now he gets all the blame? What the F*&^?

Isn’t his administration trying to put things right now and take back the money that was given out by the previous administration? Isn’t he the one who is now demanding oversight and transparency? He’s got a mess to clean up that is no fault of his own, don’t demonize him before he even has a chance. That’s what they want. That means they win, AGAIN!

This is all the result of Bush and his cronies allowing Wall Street to run rampant while they raked in the bucks. C’mon people smarten up and don’t go down this path. We need to put the blame where it really belongs and not listen to FOX and CNN and all the other pro-Republican assholes who would love to have us believe that this is all Obama’s fault. 

Don’t let them brainwash you again? They’ve been doing it for the last 8 years and now look where we are. This didn’t happen under Obama’s watch. Do you get that? All of this crap happened under the last administration. All of it. This mess was handed off to the new guy and he’s trying to fix it. He needs our support now more than ever. 

I’m out of work, on unemployment and understand that this country is in big trouble, but the trouble started a long time ago. Bush and his people are the culprits, the overseers of this problem. Write to your reps and your congressmen and women and let them know what you expect from your government now, but don’t just lay the blame in the new guys lap. Don’t sit around and whine and complain about things, write to them, call them, let them know what you think, and then give them a chance to change things, otherwise shut up and deal. 

We let Bush and his people do whatever the hell they wanted for eight years and now everyone is crying about it. We have a chance now to start over. Don’t waste it by sitting around blaming the new guy. Get your minds around the fact that this is Bush’s fault, has been Bush’s fault, and this is all the result of 8 years of the whole country sitting by while the government did whatever the hell they wanted. No one said anything then and look what’s happened. Say something now!

So Now The Government Owns…

Fannie and Freddie and AIG. Still think this isn’t becoming a fascist society? ‘Plan A’ is working, so I guess we’ll never have to find out what ‘Plan B’ was, or will we? It’s not going through as smoothly as THEY would have liked, there are mishaps, like Lehman Brothers getting a possible buyer. That means that all the people with their money invested in Lehman’s may be able to recoup some of the losses they would have taken if they had gone belly-up. That’s a mishap, though a minor one, those people won’t become quite as poor or desperate as they should have been, had the Plan gone right. Think I’m crazy, right out of my mind don’t you? That’s OK, cause the inmates are not running the asylum, because unfortunatel life goes just about like the famous book, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. Us, people like me, the crazy ones, we know what’s up. We know where they keep the real criminals in this country. Washington DC. That’s the crime capitol of America no matter what the statistics say. The largest, most devious, most evil body of criminals lives, works and plays right there. This little economic collapse is playing right into thier hands, neat and tidy, just like they planned it. You can bet your assets, if you have any left that is, that none of THEM have investments in any of the companies that are going under. It’s all the little people’s money that’s getting lost in this deal.

I know most of you are probably thinking I should be put somewhere where I can’t hurt myself, and see that’s what they say about anyone who actually thinks and speaks these things out loud, or writes them. Well, just for the record, I am a normal, (normal of course being relative), mother and grandmother, don’t do drugs, rarely drink and the worst thing I do is smoke cigarettes. Yes I give my money to the government sponsored drug companies that sell cigaretts. What can I say, I’m addicted. Oh I crack myself up sometimes… 

People never want to hear any of this stuff and that’s why they can get away with the things they do, no one listens to NUTS like me.

See here’s the thing, I have nothing to lose, I have no investments, no retirement to speak of other than Social Security, that’s a joke, I’m in debt and can barely afford to live a decent life. No health insurance, no bank accounts, no savings, nothing for them to take from me. They can’t ruin my life, even if they wanted to, and I’m not important enough for them to bother killing me, so I feel relatively safe saying these things.

The last thought I want to leave you with is this, since I have nothing to lose, then I say these things for everyone else who does.