Racism is for the weak minded


OK so I haven’t been here for awhile, but when I read things like I read tonight on Yahoo it makes my blood boil and I can’ be quiet about it.

Race crimes and hate crimes because we elected a black man for president. 

Didn’t Lincoln free the slaves? Oh yeah and he got killed for it.

Didn’t Martin Luther King have a dream? Oh yeah and he got killed for it.

Didn’t Jesus love everyone and want a peaceful world? Oh yeah and he got killed for it.

For that matter aren’t all these N-word hatin’ fuckers supposed to be Christians?

Do any of you even know what the word Christian means? Well for those of you who have decided that because Barak Obama is going to be our next president it’s OK to start hanging black dummies from trees and betting on his date of assassination and burning down churches, here’s a big ‘ole news flash for y’all, it means to be Christ-like.

Do you think Christ would have condoned these things, because if you do you’d best go find yourselves the right Bible, cause yours must be a misprint.

And here’s a real shocker for all y’all, Christ was a dark skinned middle easterner. OH noooooooooooooooo!!!

Yeah, all these wonderful pictures you see of Jesus with light skin and blue eyes, sorry folks, that’s the Americanized version of the Big Guy. He came from the middle east. which means he was dark skinned, dark eyed and yeah he looked a lot more like most of these people they’ve been calling terrorists for the past few years.

Oh I know right about now there’s a whole bunch of redneck hillbillies that are just wanting to kick my ass. Especially the parents of the kid on the bus in Georgia who told his 9 year old female schoolmate that he wishes Obama would get assassinated. Hmmmmm where did he hear that from? Maw and Paw most likely.

And as for you Mainers who are taking bets on the date Obama dies, all I can say is I hope Jesus is listening, cause he doesn’t like that kind of talk coming from people who say they believe in him.

Pull your stupid heads out of your fat asses and cop on. Obviously the old white men that have been running this country haven’t done a whole lot for any of us. How’s your pension doing these days, or are you all to dumb to even realize what’s happening. 

Our country isn’t the world’s superpower anymore, and guess why? Bush and his white friends all had a bunch of good ‘ole times with our money and our reputation as a Nation. Oh and Russia’s getting pretty cocky too all of a sudden cause pssst…they got China on their side.

Obama may be black but at least he’s not in the pocket of big oil, or the pharmaceutical companies, or any other corporation. 

Get a fucking clue and try to see him as a man of integrity who is willing to take over the tremendous responsibility of trying to pull this country out of a tailspin. Personally I don’t even know why he wants the damned job. I wouldn’t. Not after the mess the old, white men have made of it. 

I pray for him and wish him all the good luck in the universe. I cried tears of joy the night he won. 

Oh yeah, one more little thing before I leave you wallowing in your stupidity, if you believe in the teachings of the Bible then you should know we are all descended from one man, Adam. That makes Barak Obama our brother, and I for one embrace him and send him all the positive energy and good wishes I can.

Via Con Dios Barak…and for you illiterate haters out there that means “Go with God”!