Dirty Laundry


Well this is a whole new take on the ‘dirty laundry’ thing. One I can’t ignore, for obvious reasons of stupidity and pettiness on the part of some of my fellow countrymen and women. I just finished watching a report on ‘Sunday Morning”, in which they were talking about an ongoing problem within communities about people using clotheslines to hang their laundry out to dry. I’m not kidding, as usual this is becoming a big issue. I KNOW! Crazy right? Yup, but it’s true. There is actually a new movement about people’s right to hang their clothes out. One woman actually said her clothes lines have been cut down twice. This is so ridiculous I had to say something. Are people in this country really that uptight and just plain stupid? Like they said in the report, it’s not about hanging clothes, it’s about doing whatever you can to help save energy and the environment. All the little things help, but God (who?) forbid you have a neighbor that has a stick up their ass and doesn’t like looking at your ‘clean’ laundry hanging in your yard, on your line, cause look out, they will come after you. Man, I don’t know if it’s me, but when things like this start to become huge issues it just makes me see RED! Not Republican RED either. People, get with the program, our planet is in trouble and some people are really trying to do whatever little things they can to change that. Shut the hell up, get the f*#k over yourselves, and try to get it through your thick skulls that you are the problem that’s hurting the world. Come down from your thrones and start helping instead of bitching about every little thing. It’s your planet too, and you’re kids and grandchildren will need it just as much as ours will. Of course, if all you know how to do is bitch about things like people hanging out their clothes and how it ‘just looks terrible, and you can’t look at it’, I’m sure your kids and grandchildren will need a lot of therapy anyway and won’t give a damn about the welfare of the planet and it’s people either!