She Is Absolutely Ridiculous!!!

I recently listened to a couple of interviews with the hopefully not-to-be VP Sarah Palin. Charlie Gibson was getting completely exasperated at having to ask her the same question three or more times, and finally I think he just gave up when she never really answered it at all. She didn’t even know enough to pull the political double speak that most politicians are so adept at…sad and scary considering the support this woman is recieving from the sheeple in this country.

Please all of you unplug yourselves from the Matrix before it’s too late. 

Sarah Palin is a woman, that much we get, she is not qualified to hold high office in this country, or anywhere esle for that matter, considering the only real places she’s ever been to are Mexico and Canada. Canada wouldn’t even give her the time of day if she ever tried to run for office there. Even though she is a gun-totin’, moose killing, pro-lifer. They would run her out of the country on a rail, know why, because they’re smart. They want qualified people in their high offices, not some MILF that looks like a librarian and is every man’s wet dream. C’mon now people. It sounds a bit too Philip K. Dickish to me, and if you don’t know who he is, he wote many, many great science fiction novels, several of which I have read. In one of them they have an android female President…sound familiar?

As governor she has had many failings and mishaps, this can’t be the person in the second highest office of this country.

Wake the hell up and vote for the right team this November, please. Otherwise you’ll all be squealing like pigs when shit goes terribly wrong.

A Friend’s Kick Ass Video Project

This is from my friend and I think it’s awesome, powerful too. It’s a dramatic reading from anarchist thinker Pierre Joseph Proudon’s ‘What Is Governement’, performed (both voice and music) and edited by Joe Pickell. He has a blog on wordpress to at that is very interesting, humorous, imaginative and provocative. Check it out if you like this video, you won’t be disappointed.

Have a great day all!