Oh Ye Lovers of The Bush

spiders-in-my-soupLook around all you Bible thumpin, good ‘ole country boys (and girls), right wing circle flyers, look around you. How do you like this economy, huh? How’s it treating you? You got us into this mess, not once, but twice. I hope you’re all really happy with the way it turned out. Is it hitting you all that putting ‘monkey boy’ in office wasn’t such a good idea? I hope it’s hitting you hard, giving you all nightmares, because that’s what you deserve. It was hard to forgive the first time around, but the second, no forgiveness there, as your president says, “Fool me once, ahhh, ahhh fool me twice, ahhhh, won’t git fooled again”. But you were fooled, or just plain stupid and pigheaded, and now everyone in the country has to pay the price, a high one, for your selfishness, blind sightedness and downright stupidity. Thanks folks, thanks so much for fucking us all over, really appreciate it.
I feel sorry for Obama as he has to come in and try to clean up the huge mess that your votes created. I really hope you don’t blame him for what has gone on in the past eight years, that would definitely be the final push into HELL for all of you. Admit your mistakes and give this new guy the credit he deserves for taking on the hardest job on the planet right now. Help him by being good people, caring for others and the planet, and doing whatever is needed to get this country back on it’s feet. It’s the very least you can do after the biggest fuck-over in history.
Take this chance, all you voters for Bush, take it and run with it, or you will go to the HELL you all think exists.