Metaphysical Nightmare




Metaphysical Nightmare


Whispers, images, flashes 
Deep waters move rapidly

Dream or memory
Fevered imagination plotting

Insanity beckons
Shadows of reality or shades of imagination

Frame after frame
Taunts fast and clear

Screaming conscience 
Mind mirrors shatter

Shards fall 
Tearing the delicate foundation

Death breathes close
It does

How About Living Your First Life


Last night I watched a special on the ridiculously popular online world called ‘Second Life”. I was in utter amazement of this whole concept, and not amazement in a good way, but amazement in the “what the f*@+” kind of way!

Do any of these fools realize the amount of money they’re spending on NOTHING!!! Virtual things are nothing, not tangible in any way shape or form. You people do realize that there’s a REAL world out there, just beyond your mousepad: real people, things, places, clothes, stuff of every kind.

There was one woman who said she spent 14 to 16 hours every day in ‘Second Life’. Granted ahe makes a lot of money in her virtual store, but when does she spend it. She has no REAL life. I can’t even get my head around that. Let alone the fact that these people actually spend real money in this virtual world. Lots os it. They even spend it on sex toys and body modification. 

Then when I ever heard that the big conglomerates were buying virtual buildings and advertising in this make-believe world, well, at that point I just sat there with my mouth agape and my eyes wide in sheer disbelief and horror.

Does this make any sense to anyone who has any sense?

There are people homeless and starving, right here in our own country, and there are 6500 computers running  ‘Second Life’ from their home base in San Francisco, CA.


I need some real people to talk to about this because I think it may cause me to have a nervous breakdown. I think I need counseling. Maybe I’m the crazy one. Should I join ‘Second Life’ and leave my real family, friends and loved ones to wonder what became of me?


It is a sad day, a terrible day for the world when people, real people, have to go to a virtual world for 14 to 16 hours a day, every day, to avoid life. It’s worse than drugs.

Someone out there please try and help me understand this lunacy, before I go stark raving mad!!!!

Yeah So I Just Heard…

Palin’s little girl’s ‘husband to be’ is saying he is being forced to marry the girl. Noooo really? Wow what a fucking big surprise. What nineteen year old boy wants to get married? Not very many of the ones I know. They’re just getting started with their lives and marriage is the absolute furthest thing from their minds, and kids, years away, if at all these days. Most of the young people you talk to these days are actually talking about not bringing children into this messed up world. Who can blame them, look around, I mean really LOOK AROUND. This place is getting more screwed up by the minute and bringing a baby into the world is a big responsibility. Even the teens are looking at the bigger picture and questioning the sanity of having children. That should tell you something right there, and this ‘woman’, and I use that word loosely at best, would have women who are victims of rape and incest bear those children! Is this whole country going insane collectively? This should not even be an election, we should just put Obama in the White House right now and let him start to try and fix the fucked up mess he’s going to inherit. Someone has to try, and I for one believe that McCain and Palin should just be cut out now, before they even have a chance to ‘fix’ this election too.