Metaphysical Nightmare




Metaphysical Nightmare


Whispers, images, flashes 
Deep waters move rapidly

Dream or memory
Fevered imagination plotting

Insanity beckons
Shadows of reality or shades of imagination

Frame after frame
Taunts fast and clear

Screaming conscience 
Mind mirrors shatter

Shards fall 
Tearing the delicate foundation

Death breathes close
It does

And Yet Another Poem



Mind Games

Comets streak through moonlit skies
inspiring awe in human minds
and hearts that try to fathom all the whys
With eyes we see and hearts we feel
but really it’s our minds emotions steal
as in breathless whispers
we question what is real
The world is false, so much untrue
and yet there’s still someone like you
whose guileless eyes and smile I knew
would somehow break my heart in two
but still I loved you

As long as comets race through space and time
your face will stay within the confines
of my mind
Till time unwinds




Just one of my poems


Bicycle wheels flying on a sultry, summer Saturday

All chrome and shiny black enamel, with handbrakes and three speeds


Freedom from classroom tyranny, parental supervision and school bullies

At least for now…


Super heated air, cooled only by speed, rushes past, hair flying out behind


Muscles pumping, heart racing, fear nowhere in sight

At least for now…


Serenity, peace, excitement, joy! So many good feelings, almost overwhelming



No destination, just going, riding, flying…

My black charger carrying me off to a better place

At least for now…