Why Is No One Bringing Up Bush’s Name?


I’m sitting here watching the congressional hearings about the AIG crisis and I’m completely stunned to hear people blaming Obama for this crap! This didn’t start in January, it didn’t start in November, it started long before that under the previous administration.

Why is no one going back in time to when this all started? This current crisis and all that goes with it is a product of the corrupt practices of the previous government and it was all dropped in Obama’s lap, so now he gets all the blame? What the F*&^?

Isn’t his administration trying to put things right now and take back the money that was given out by the previous administration? Isn’t he the one who is now demanding oversight and transparency? He’s got a mess to clean up that is no fault of his own, don’t demonize him before he even has a chance. That’s what they want. That means they win, AGAIN!

This is all the result of Bush and his cronies allowing Wall Street to run rampant while they raked in the bucks. C’mon people smarten up and don’t go down this path. We need to put the blame where it really belongs and not listen to FOX and CNN and all the other pro-Republican assholes who would love to have us believe that this is all Obama’s fault. 

Don’t let them brainwash you again? They’ve been doing it for the last 8 years and now look where we are. This didn’t happen under Obama’s watch. Do you get that? All of this crap happened under the last administration. All of it. This mess was handed off to the new guy and he’s trying to fix it. He needs our support now more than ever. 

I’m out of work, on unemployment and understand that this country is in big trouble, but the trouble started a long time ago. Bush and his people are the culprits, the overseers of this problem. Write to your reps and your congressmen and women and let them know what you expect from your government now, but don’t just lay the blame in the new guys lap. Don’t sit around and whine and complain about things, write to them, call them, let them know what you think, and then give them a chance to change things, otherwise shut up and deal. 

We let Bush and his people do whatever the hell they wanted for eight years and now everyone is crying about it. We have a chance now to start over. Don’t waste it by sitting around blaming the new guy. Get your minds around the fact that this is Bush’s fault, has been Bush’s fault, and this is all the result of 8 years of the whole country sitting by while the government did whatever the hell they wanted. No one said anything then and look what’s happened. Say something now!

Oh Ye Lovers of The Bush

spiders-in-my-soupLook around all you Bible thumpin, good ‘ole country boys (and girls), right wing circle flyers, look around you. How do you like this economy, huh? How’s it treating you? You got us into this mess, not once, but twice. I hope you’re all really happy with the way it turned out. Is it hitting you all that putting ‘monkey boy’ in office wasn’t such a good idea? I hope it’s hitting you hard, giving you all nightmares, because that’s what you deserve. It was hard to forgive the first time around, but the second, no forgiveness there, as your president says, “Fool me once, ahhh, ahhh fool me twice, ahhhh, won’t git fooled again”. But you were fooled, or just plain stupid and pigheaded, and now everyone in the country has to pay the price, a high one, for your selfishness, blind sightedness and downright stupidity. Thanks folks, thanks so much for fucking us all over, really appreciate it.
I feel sorry for Obama as he has to come in and try to clean up the huge mess that your votes created. I really hope you don’t blame him for what has gone on in the past eight years, that would definitely be the final push into HELL for all of you. Admit your mistakes and give this new guy the credit he deserves for taking on the hardest job on the planet right now. Help him by being good people, caring for others and the planet, and doing whatever is needed to get this country back on it’s feet. It’s the very least you can do after the biggest fuck-over in history.
Take this chance, all you voters for Bush, take it and run with it, or you will go to the HELL you all think exists.

I Just Watched This and…

Well the one thing I can say about the difference between Joe Biden and John McCain is this, when you watch Joe speak, he speaks, when you watch McCain speak, he reads, and not very well either. It’s disjointed and stuttery and fake as all hell. Joe Biden and Barak Obama speak, from their hearts, McCain and Palin read from their papers. I want someone who means what he says not reads what I want to hear from a sheet of typed paper. How can any thinking being in this country not see the line of horseshit we’re being handed by these two? I want to believe in the American people, I really do, but when I see the travesty of people cheering and screaming while McCain stutters and stammers his way through a written speech, it really scares the hell out of me. Please people, pay attention to these things, they’re important. Don’t be sheeple, be people, thinking, questioning, observing, people. We need to stop listening to the rhetoric and start hearing the truth. This morning John McCain said the fundamentals of our economy are strong. What??? Does he live here? If he does then what the hell drugs is he on, cause I want something that will make me think the economy is good too. He’s either completely disconnected to what’s really going on, which wouldn’t surprise me considering he’s got seven houses, or he’s completely insane, or he thinks we’re all stupid, really, really stupid. I for one don’t like it when someone thinks I’m stupid, it fairly makes me see red, or in this case blue. I want to see the blue states light up from one end of this country to the other and get real, get real and smarten up or we’re in for big trouble.

Yeah So I Just Heard…

Palin’s little girl’s ‘husband to be’ is saying he is being forced to marry the girl. Noooo really? Wow what a fucking big surprise. What nineteen year old boy wants to get married? Not very many of the ones I know. They’re just getting started with their lives and marriage is the absolute furthest thing from their minds, and kids, years away, if at all these days. Most of the young people you talk to these days are actually talking about not bringing children into this messed up world. Who can blame them, look around, I mean really LOOK AROUND. This place is getting more screwed up by the minute and bringing a baby into the world is a big responsibility. Even the teens are looking at the bigger picture and questioning the sanity of having children. That should tell you something right there, and this ‘woman’, and I use that word loosely at best, would have women who are victims of rape and incest bear those children! Is this whole country going insane collectively? This should not even be an election, we should just put Obama in the White House right now and let him start to try and fix the fucked up mess he’s going to inherit. Someone has to try, and I for one believe that McCain and Palin should just be cut out now, before they even have a chance to ‘fix’ this election too.

An Appeal To The Women Of America


Please don’t fall for the republican bait and switch.

I know we came close to a chance at a woman president this year, and I know how disappointing it was to a lot of women when Hilary Clinton lost, but please don’t let that be the only reason your give your vote to John McCain. Think about all the reasons he shouldn’t win. Think about the fact that his new VP candidate is a hard liner about women’s choice and guns.

Hilary herself is endorsing Obama, so we should all listen to her call and follow her lead. Obama is what this country needs and Joe Biden is who we need beside him. Yes they are both men, but they are good men who really want to make great changes that will get this country back on the right track. As I was listening to the commentary during the DNC I heard a very interesting thing, interesting in it’s omission. The pundits were commenting on the fact that the race card never came up during the convention. I thought about that for awhile, and the conclusion I came to made me proud to be an American again for the first time in a long time. I believe that the reason the race card hasn’t been coming up is because, as a whole, most of America has evolved to the point that they don’t really see Obama as a black man. We just see him as a man. This was a very profound moment for me. In a country that has seen so much racial division it’s a wonderful thing to know that my fellow countrymen and women are seeing beyond color.

Now see beyond the games that the republicans are playing. We need huge numbers to get Obama in the White House, he needs to win by a large margin so there is no room for question as in the past two elections.

So please, women of this country unite and follow Hilary’s lead. Vote proudly for the best man for the job.