Dirty Laundry


Well this is a whole new take on the ‘dirty laundry’ thing. One I can’t ignore, for obvious reasons of stupidity and pettiness on the part of some of my fellow countrymen and women. I just finished watching a report on ‘Sunday Morning”, in which they were talking about an ongoing problem within communities about people using clotheslines to hang their laundry out to dry. I’m not kidding, as usual this is becoming a big issue. I KNOW! Crazy right? Yup, but it’s true. There is actually a new movement about people’s right to hang their clothes out. One woman actually said her clothes lines have been cut down twice. This is so ridiculous I had to say something. Are people in this country really that uptight and just plain stupid? Like they said in the report, it’s not about hanging clothes, it’s about doing whatever you can to help save energy and the environment. All the little things help, but God (who?) forbid you have a neighbor that has a stick up their ass and doesn’t like looking at your ‘clean’ laundry hanging in your yard, on your line, cause look out, they will come after you. Man, I don’t know if it’s me, but when things like this start to become huge issues it just makes me see RED! Not Republican RED either. People, get with the program, our planet is in trouble and some people are really trying to do whatever little things they can to change that. Shut the hell up, get the f*#k over yourselves, and try to get it through your thick skulls that you are the problem that’s hurting the world. Come down from your thrones and start helping instead of bitching about every little thing. It’s your planet too, and you’re kids and grandchildren will need it just as much as ours will. Of course, if all you know how to do is bitch about things like people hanging out their clothes and how it ‘just looks terrible, and you can’t look at it’, I’m sure your kids and grandchildren will need a lot of therapy anyway and won’t give a damn about the welfare of the planet and it’s people either!

How About Living Your First Life


Last night I watched a special on the ridiculously popular online world called ‘Second Life”. I was in utter amazement of this whole concept, and not amazement in a good way, but amazement in the “what the f*@+” kind of way!

Do any of these fools realize the amount of money they’re spending on NOTHING!!! Virtual things are nothing, not tangible in any way shape or form. You people do realize that there’s a REAL world out there, just beyond your mousepad: real people, things, places, clothes, stuff of every kind.

There was one woman who said she spent 14 to 16 hours every day in ‘Second Life’. Granted ahe makes a lot of money in her virtual store, but when does she spend it. She has no REAL life. I can’t even get my head around that. Let alone the fact that these people actually spend real money in this virtual world. Lots os it. They even spend it on sex toys and body modification. 

Then when I ever heard that the big conglomerates were buying virtual buildings and advertising in this make-believe world, well, at that point I just sat there with my mouth agape and my eyes wide in sheer disbelief and horror.

Does this make any sense to anyone who has any sense?

There are people homeless and starving, right here in our own country, and there are 6500 computers running  ‘Second Life’ from their home base in San Francisco, CA.


I need some real people to talk to about this because I think it may cause me to have a nervous breakdown. I think I need counseling. Maybe I’m the crazy one. Should I join ‘Second Life’ and leave my real family, friends and loved ones to wonder what became of me?


It is a sad day, a terrible day for the world when people, real people, have to go to a virtual world for 14 to 16 hours a day, every day, to avoid life. It’s worse than drugs.

Someone out there please try and help me understand this lunacy, before I go stark raving mad!!!!

Where Do You Even Start

There is so much going on in politics but I guess the economy is the biggest thing right now on everyone’s mind. What’s going to happen? Who the hell knows. It’s a wait and see game at the moment. Personally, when I listen to all the pundits talking it just seems that they’re all basically saying the same thing, which is essentially nothing. They’re all just giving educated opinions. I’ve heard twenty-two different scenarios as far as this ecomonic bailout goes. No one really knows. It’s never been done before. It would be great if we were all clued in as to exactly how this thing is supposed to work, but we’re not. We have to ‘trust’ our government officials…wow, sorry but my trust meter doesn’t register in the government zone anymore. As a matter of fact they’re not even on the meter. My lack of trust in this current administration is comparable to me handing Freddie Krueger a knife and asking him to cut my steak for me. 

I really think we’ve reached a new era in this country where things are never going to be the same. My only hope is that we move forward instead of falling into the yawning pit that’s directly in front of us. We need to build a bridge that’s going to take awhile, but it can be done. Things have got to change drastically and not everyone will come out a winner, but I don’t think it’s about that anymore, it’s about survival for now and moving on as soon as possible. On to where, well that remains to be seen. Hopefully to a brighter tomorrow, where we get back on track and establish a foreign policy that makes us more friends and less enemies. That’s going to be a hard task, but again I believe it can be done. We need to unravel all the threads of collusion and corruption, find out which lead where and how we can make them go from point A to point B in a straighter line. It’s a huge job, and one I don’t envy anyone having to do, but it needs to be done. At least a start has to be made. No more of this we’ll support you and help you with weapons and money util you piss us off, then we’ll demonize you and say we never had anything to do with you. That’s got to be put to rest. Don’t give them weapons and then get mad when they use them against us and others. What did you think they were going to do with them, start a collection? Don’t fund these governments that are killing thier own people. I could go on and on but there’s no point. There are major things wrong with the world and they all need to be fixed, like I said this is a chance to start over. Let’s do things right this time cause I think it’s probably our last chance.

Something That Really Irks Me!!!

You know one thing that makes me twitch, is when you spend your time sending an email to some ding-bat HR person, or manager, or whoever is doing the hiring at the particular place you’re applying to, with a resume attached (that you spent hours working on, of course), and they don’t even respond to you. Now believe me I know they’re busy people, but so am I, and I would at least like the common courtesy, if not professionalism of a response. Even if it’s the ‘bad news’ that I didn’t get the job, at least let me know so I’m not sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out. If you had a lot of responses, fine, send out a blanket email and tell the other applicants that the position has been filled. How long will that take you and it will make us job seekers a whole lot happier. I’ve worked in offices all my life and if I just didn’t respond to a customer or an inquiry because I was too busy then I wouldn’t have kept my job very long. As it was I responded to everyone, which I believe shows responsibility and professionalism. If the ad says that they will only respond to candidates that are being considered for a position OK I get that, but 98% of them don’t say that. So there I am, along with countless others, sitting there, with my hopes hanging in mid air and never hear a word back. Not fair people! Not professional or courteous either. You have a job, think about a time when you didn’t. I hope this makes at least some of you think. Just because we’re unemployed doesn’t give you the right to treat us as non-existent. We are looking for work or you never would have gotten that email. Oh yeah, and by the by, you wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for us applying for them.